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UND Conflict Resolution Center
Civility Experts Worldwide Clients - Read Lew Bayer's Bio
Randa Mufarrij
The Conflict Resolution Center at the University of North Dakota had the privilege of hosting Lew Bayer at our 2012 Symposium entitled “Civility: Have We Lost Our Ability to Talk.” Lew was the capstone speaker for the week-long Symposium and we couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic way to end the week. The sessions with Lew were engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring.  

She shared not only her personal experiences but also her vast knowledge of the world of civility. Her passion for instilling in others the awareness and behaviors needed to be examples of a more civil community were highly motivating for all who attended. We are already planning a time in the near future to ask Lew to come back!

Kristine Paranica, Director, UND Conflict Resolution Center

Civility Experts Worldwide takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
My association with Civility Experts and in the person of Lew Bayer is prominent. The first time I called Lew by phone asking her about Civility Experts, I was awed by her professionalism, demeanor, integrity, candor and authenticity along with the wide range of her civility programs, as well as, her willingness to share her skills, knowledge and expertise.  

I consider myself fortunate to be affiliated with Civility Experts their brand is unique and stands out from the crowd. Lew Bayer walks the walk and talks the talk; she embraces the philosophy of what Lady Mary Wortley Montague said in the early 18th Century “Civility costs nothing and buys everything”. Lew is unquestionably a distinguished mentor, trainer, public speaker, author and a leader in her field.  

Lew, thank you for being the person you are and my advice to whoever is considering pursuing a business deal with Lew, do not hesitate you will find that you are getting far more than what you are putting on the table.

Randa Mufarrij, CPBS

For the past 12 years, since first virtually connecting with her, I have witnessed Lew Bayer’s ascension as a training and development leader for the contemporary workplace. From co-founder of the ‘Etiquette Ladies’ to her current role as President and CEO at ‘Civility Experts Worldwide’, through collaborative efforts, Lew continuously learns, adapts and shares best business practices. 

Whether it be etiquette, civility or cultural competence Lew and her team, are continuously committed to building on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, for the benefit of their clients. I am proud to be part of her network of service providers.

Julie Blais-Comeau

Julie Blais-Comeau
Lew Bayer; President Civility Experts Worldwide